Content Checked Holdings (CNCK): Featured in DIY Active Article “Healthy Kitchen Tips: 4 Easy Steps”

December 14, 2015 ( stocks newswire) Transitioning to a healthy lifestyle is essential for developing a better quality of life and extending your lifespan. With so many cheap, quick and easy, fast food chains on every corner of America, sometimes that seems like a monumental task, but, in today’s world of smartphone technology and ‘app-hungry’ consumers, Content Checked Holdings, Inc. (OTC: CNCK) is aiding the health conscience shopper with its easy-to-use ContentChecked and SugarChecked apps.

The company’s apps were recently featured in the DIY Active article “Healthy Kitchen Tips: 4 Easy Steps” by clinical nutritionist Tara Zamani where she outlines a guide to healthy living using readily available tips, products, and technology. Zamani emphasizes the importance of getting into the habit of cooking and making it a priority in your life. Once you do this for a while, it becomes fun and is unlike any other activity because of the joys associated with feeling healthier from your own making and, of course, helping your family do the same.

Before jumping into the kitchen, you need the proper ingredients for a healthy concoction. Here is where she illustrates the significance of savvy shopping via ContentChecked’s family of innovative mobile apps. With the SugarChecked app, once you scan a food item, an alert is issued based on personal dietary sugar/sweetener preferences, and then the app provides you with a list of satisfactory alternatives. The ContentChecked app works very similarly, except that it alerts the user based on personal allergy settings and then offers a list of acceptable replacements.

The company’s goal is to continue building an environment that will foster healthier and happier lives through personally targeted information. The key to a healthier way of life is in the palm of your hand thanks to Content Checked Holdings. All you need to do is download the apps and start shopping.

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